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Mod Application

Post by GoDxFiRe on Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:41 am

Real Name: Chad


Time Zone:EST

Experience: Help desk leader on -=Evolution Gaming=- Admin and owner of serveral different Arma 2 AO servers

Any Way Of Contact (Skype, TS3, Steam, Email) (And Include Details) : TS3 look for Col.Sanders

Maturely Level (Out Of 10): 9

IGN (In Game Username): GoDxFiRe

How Long you Spent On the Server: 2 hours of more

Your Current Rank: Nothing

What you Want to Become (Please Read Above For Information): Mod

What your Goal rank you want to be (What You really Want to Become): Admin

How Often you can be On: Most days 3-8 hours

Did You Read The Rules (its A Yes or No): Yes

Why Should We Pick You Over The Other Guy?: Previous experience of owning and moderating servers and Older then most on MC .

Why Should We Pick You: Previous experience of owning and moderating servers, fun to play with, wont grief the server, and wont annoy new players as well as bring people from server i play on over to this in the future.

Other (Optional, But Suggested): Most likely going to bring friends on here and expand the community


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