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Helper application

Post by Emathelegend on Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:46 am

Real Name:Emanuele Gusperti


Time Zone: GMT +1

Experience: No real server managing experience; but very good minecraft playing experience

Any Way Of Contact: Skype (Ema99 Thelegend); TS3 (Emathelegend); E-mail (can't post it; will edit in some time)

Maturely Level: When with people i know I'm a 7.5; in more serious and formal conversations I'm an 8.5 - 9.

IGN: Emathelegend

How Long you Spent On the Server: Irl days, more or less 5-6; efeective gameplay hours More or less 12

Your Current Rank: None

What you Want to Become: Helper; as simple as that

What your Goal rank you want to be: maybe a builder; but nothing too fancy. Up to the admins\owners to promote me higher than that

How Often you can be On: everyday for more or less 3 to 5 hours

Did You Read The Rules: Yes

Why Should We Pick You Over The Other Guy?: On most servers I visited that had helpers, they talked like they knew everything, they didn't accept when someone told them tey were wrong. I'm not like that, I accept advice and corrections by everybody

Why Should We Pick You: I am good at minecraft and know nearly everything there is to know; so, for any questions or doubts on the game; don't mwory, ask me Wink 

Thanks for reading this; regards

Emanuele (aka Emathelegend)

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