How to post a Mod application

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How to post a Mod application

Post by GoDxFiRe on Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:43 am

This is for the owners to decide whether or not to keep it...

You Will Be Informed Over Your Way of Contact About your Rank!

Copy And Paste It In Your Thread, Then Fill Out The Info

If You Do Not Use The Template Your Application Will Be Declined

Real Name:


Time Zone:


Any Way Of Contact (Skype, TS3, Steam, Email) (And Include Details) :

Maturely Level (Out Of 10):

IGN (In Game Username):

How Long you Spent On the Server:

Your Current Rank:

What you Want to Become (Please Read Above For Information):

What your Goal rank you want to be (What You really Want to Become):

How Often you can be On:

Did You Read The Rules (its A Yes or No):

Why Should We Pick You Over The Other Guy?:

Why Should We Pick You:

Other (Optional, But Suggested):


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