moderater appilication

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moderater appilication

Post by Ginjaaninjaa11 on Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:50 am

Age: 11

Time Zone: eastern

Experience: 3 severs as admin, head mod , helper

Way Of Contact: 2 Warnings then kick then matters what he's done ban for a hour or 30-mins and then day then week then perm

Maturely Level: 15


How Long you Spent On the Server: about a hour or 40 minutes

Your Current Rank: member

What you Want to Become: helper or higher

What your Goal rank you want to be: admin or mod

How Often you can be On: About everyday

Did You Read The Rules: yes

Why Should We Pick You: I am a nice person and I am very experienced I play minecraft about everyday I have common knowledge I would say If I am not playing minecraft it will be Garry's mod. I usually help and moderate chat to see if people are doing stuff that they aren't supposed to be doing and If I wouldn't like staff I wouldn't apply and I hope you likes this and I've been playing minecraft for about 2 years or a year and a half Hope you enjoyed bye


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Re: moderater appilication

Post by alexbananator on Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:59 pm

Hi ginganinjaa or I should say in italian ciao schifoso sono obleraski!
Anyway... I am the head mod in this server so you can't be head mod Sad sorry about that.
But I just wanted to tell you that being mod here isn't easy... first you haven't got creative, and second you are a player like all the others, you just control chats, kick, ban, unban and RARELY kill. And if you aren't a good mod you can return a player without titles. I'm NOT saying that you won't be a good mod. I am just saying that it won't be easy. Trust me most of the times it's hard to make players keep the calm, and trying to explain peacefully to the new ones that they won't be admin...
Anyway, before being a mod you have to spend much more time on the server...
But I know you aren't a bad guy so I will try to help you while playing Smile

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